Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

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PRICE: £450
CLASS SIZE: One-to-one basis 

Become a fully trained & qualified eyelash extension professional by attending my Just Do Fab Beginner Classic Lash Course. Start your new career properly with a fully accredited intense one-day course.

This course will include a full day of in-depth training, guidance & support with Nancy.

Are you excited to start your new career path in lashes? I have got you covered!! All of my training is completed on a 1:1 basis which offers you an intensive learning experience giving you all the attention you require, meaning you can leave the course feeling confident ready to start your lash career! 

The original lash extensions. This is the application of 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash to give a beautiful natural look. Classic lash extensions are the required start for beginners. No previous knowledge or experience is required for this course. From this 1 day course, you will gain knowledge in: 

  1. The perfect lash isolation
  2. The perfect single lash application to the natural lash
  3. A good understanding of lashes and how to buy them
  4. Lash mapping with different styles 
  5. The correct pad application and why it is so important

This one-day intensive course is perfect if you are new to lashes. This will be a fully accredited course, which entitles you to obtain insurance which is vital before offering any treatment. 


  • Health, safety and hygiene and legal requirements
  • Contra indications 
  • Choosing the correct lashes for your client
  • Correct lash application, distance and direction
  • Styling your clients' lashes
  • Working with straight and curly lashes
  • Choosing lengths and styles
  • How to create full and fluffy lashes
  • How to hold your tweezers
  • Correct glue dipping
  • Infills and aftercare
  • Removal
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practical demonstration
  • How to maintain a professional image
  • Practice on a live model 
  • How to take the best lash photos
  • How to price your services
  • Retailing product advice
  • Business tips

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: No previous experience is necessary. 

CLASS SIZE: Nancy only works on a 1:1 basis so you will have all the time and attention you need all day. This ensures individual attention. 

SCHEDULE: Individual to the day and to your specific course. Nancy will organise with you. 

MODELS: I will find the two models unless you have someone in particular you would like to treat to some lashes. If you want to bring someone in, please make sure they are super reliable and are keen to have some lashes applied. It is very important to practice after your classic lash training. To become a successful eyelash technician it takes many months practicing your skills. Remember to be patient with yourself and do not give up! Make sure you line up plenty of friends to practice on. 

WHEN WILL I BE QUALIFIED: After completing your one day course with Nancy. 

IS THE COURSE ACCREDITED? Yes, all the Just Do Fab training courses are fully accredited by ABT. On completion of the course you will receive an accredited Diploma and be able to gain insurance. 

HOW TO BOOK: Pay for your course here and Nancy will be in touch via email to send you all your relevant information and discuss times and dates. 

REFUNDS: All training courses booked online are non-refundable. 

AFTERCARE: You will have full access to Nancy via whatsApp for support after the course so you can continue to ask any questions you have. 


'I chose Nancy because I found her extremely friendly and professional from start to finish. I was nervous about changing direction in my career. Nancy explained everything to me which made me feel confident and empowered to start my journey on this industry. I would highly recommend Just Do Fab to Anyone looking to further their career or as a beginner as they are incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in the beauty world. Thank you Just Do Fab!'