Lash Lift Masterclass

Lash Lift Masterclass

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Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about Nancy's LASH LIFT & TINT procedure...

MasterClass by Nancy Miles, Owner of Just Do Fab

What's included? 

  • ONE FULL DAY of 1:1 training with Nancy in lash lift & tint
  • Treatment timings and my product recommendations 
  • Learn all my favourite tools of the trade 
  • Understanding of your lash shields & how to choose them correctly  
  • Learn the best under eye tape & pads to use 
  • Lash lift glue (normal and balm)
  • Best tinting procedure & products 
  • Understanding of the best aftercare and lash serum 
  • Finishing a lash lift 
  • The best photo taking angles 
  • Business branding & social media guidance 
  • Ongoing support from me via whatsapp 
  • A FREE lash lift & tint for you to see my results and experience the treatment 


Who's this for? 

This course is designed for technicians who already hold a certificate in lash lifting but want to advance their skills and learn my way of perfecting the treatment.  

This masterclass is not accredited or certified, it's here to help you improve your technique, product knowledge, create consistent results and grow your business. Lash lifting is a huge market with many products on the market all with different methods, this masterclass is designed to give you an insight into how I get my biggest and best last lifts, that last whilst keeping your clients lashes nourished and healthy.  

I often receive DM's on my instagram page from lash technician's wondering why their results aren't consistent. I have tried and tested so many products and techniques and have really perfected this treatment so now it’s time to share my skills to help you gain great lash lift consistency. 

How to book? 

Please choose a date upon booking and I will be in touch to organise with you! 

Where will it be held? 

If you would like to do your masterclass in person, pop on down to my salon in Brighton & Hove. Or if you would prefer to do it online, I can set up a zoom call with you and set you up on my laptop so you can still ask me all the questions you'd like but don't have to travel down to me! 


I will provide the 2 models for you, unless you have someone who would really like the treatment to come in with you. 


'I was always getting inconsistent and disappointing results and couldn't understand why because I was doing exactly what I was trained to do. So I booked in to see Nancy for the morning and she changed my whole business!!!! I am now the best in my town at lash lifts and can't believe how the simple, small changes she showed me had so much effect. I can't recommend this course highly enough. Spend the money - it's worth every penny!!! My client's are now thrilled with their lashes EVERY TIME!'